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#CharactersTell Background Characters Week - Interview with Collar

Hello there, people!
We're back to our regularly scheduled interviews, and boy oh boy, today we've got a good, and pretty chaotic one - good to start the interviews under this new account!

Is he really a cop? The jury is still out!
For this interview, we visit Soulful once more - the place where we encountered Tweety, the main character of the Red Letters Series, but this time our more than one! We start by getting to know Collar, the cop (?) who during our daily game on Twitter seems to have displayed a knack for misplacing his underwear in interesting ways. But then we get to know Chef Winner, the local sous-chef, and some cameos from other characters, as we seem to have gotten ourselves in during quite the birthday party!

Our returning author! And birthday girl!
These characters all come from Nicole's mind (our beloved Ladyofmind on Twitter and the amazing host of #CharactersHell) and are written on paper as part of her Red Letters Series, her upcoming books in the Women's Fiction genre, with some Romance elements!

You can find her on Twitter here:
She also has an Instagram, which is this one!
And a delightful Tumbler blog on this link:

So go follow her on all those places! And wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

But enough talking - let's get to the madness, shall we?


After last week’s announcements, we’re back to our campsite with our background character of choice! It’s the first time this is under the dedicated account, and someone even had a birthday just yesterday...we do live in exciting times! But, before I get ahead of myself - would you please introduce yourself, your author and the book you’re from?

“HEY! Hey man, glad you could make it!” *hooks around the neck* “I see you decided to come visit the Red Letters birthday bash weekend extravaganza. Tweety really outdid herself this time, and Bebe came up with a great gimmick! Can you believe those Double Trouble girls share the same birthday? OH! I’m supposed to ask… Single or part of a couple?”

Hey there! The pleasure’s all mi-Ooof. Well, at least I have to say I’m getting quite the warm welcome! And Bebe has a gimmick? Reminding me of my last visit here...And...uh...what’s the difference between the two? And which one are you?

“Oh! So you’re the one that got away? Better stick with me for your own safety. I’ll bring you around to Chef Wieners, if he’s not still tied up in the kitchen, if you need protection. Bebe and Tweet have gifts for each other, though not really normal things.” *Loud squealing giggle from a different room echoes by* “That sounds like Tweety gave her the bull. Not long until Bebe rounds up some men for Tweet’s present.” *Realizing there was much to answer for, Collar held up his wrist, showing off a colorful single handcuff, with a short chained key attached* “Single and ready to mingle of course. I think Tweeter decided on this lock and key idea after the time I pranked her. No one but me dares to, or at least does it and survives to tell it!” *Chuckles and snorts laughter*

I think I still have the number I got assigned last time...And...Chef Wieners? You guys really don’t lack colorful names, do you? How did Chef get this name?
And speaking of mingling...does that mean the lock and key are gonna come into play in this whole ‘singles/couple’ thing?

*Letting go long enough to helpfully plop guest onto empty stool with back to the crowds, Collar slips behind the bar to fix drinks, while a man in a chefs hat comes out to refill food tables* “Oh yeah, if you’re a couple, there’s a set of cuffs for you, so no one tries you. But if you’re single, then you get to play the game, and meet new people. If you see two different sets of cuffs, that’s your bi sort.” *Collar flashes his wrists, showing his two cuffs, before downing a shot*
“Hey, you know you shouldn’t be drinking, no one needs a man thong hunt again. *Realizing he had been brought up, the chef hat man steps forward to introduce himself with a handshake* “Nathan Winners, Chef Nathan please. You have one person slip up on your last name, and you have a never dying nickname...” *With that thought, Nathan turns to watch Collar as he asks* “Do you happen to know what happened to all my cake supplies? Buckets of frosting and decorations are missing. You aren’t planning another prank are you Collar?” *Collar only snickers as an answer*

Aahhh, needed a bit of a stretch. And oh, I see! That does actually sound like quite the fun game, too...Might have to gather a couple of handcuffs myself for after we’re done with the interviews!
Glad to meet you too, Nathan! I get what you mean about names...Do you bake a lot of cakes around here? What’s your speciality dish?
And do they steal your frosting supplies often? I have to admit, considering the people around here I am curious about where on or who they end up…

*Nathan answers, as Collar’s attention is elsewhere for the moment* Don’t worry, there are a ton of those cuffs around here, both the games one and the real kind, Bebe and Nira leave them everywhere! Oh, I bake a lot, because there are way too many sweet tooths in this place. Plus I am only the second in command of the kitchen, so the head chef does it all. The wee lasses never mind my savory dishes too, but you still need to supply them with cupcakes.”
“Ladies and Gentleman! The lovely Miss Tweety just gave me the best birthday gift ever! So, what does one get the woman who has just about everything? Do I have any volunteers?”
*Collar starts to grab a bottle to go, heading around the bar and outside* “That’s my cue. This cop can’t arrest what it doesn’t see happen...”

Good to know, good to know. I’ll make sure go get my cuffs then. And that not minding the savory dishes *can* be kinda taken in a weird way...speaking of which, I bet there’s a lot of gossip going around the kitchen. Anything saucy to share?
And’re actually a cop? Like...a real cop? How did you end up here?

“Oh Collar is off to hang by the pool until whatever Bebe plans to do is over. I mean, on one hand, she is a bouncer, but on the other, she’s way out there.” *Nathan shakes his head, and then rearranges the cupcake display* “Honestly the best gossip happens out here, you miss everything being back there. And as far as Collar being a cop? No one is really sure… Doesn’t act like one, yet he knows everything. Knew who you were before you arrived didn’t he?”
“Oh good, one willing and one semi willing volunteer, my favorite!!”

Mmmh. I can’t help but notice you didn’t really share much...are we going to see a lot of the kind of gossip in the book? Do tell, and I’ll try to behave with my questions. About Collar...well, it does sound like a good plan, to stay out of trouble until trouble is over.
Then again, I would be betraying my..’not-journalistic-but-kinda’ duties as an interviewer if I didn’t at least spy on what sort of trouble is happening. Have you ever been dragged into this sort of stuff?

“I can’t share what I don’t really have. I make food, I could gossip about the time Tweet and the head chef cooked together, but Gus said that was part of being a good boss. Something about proving oneself. I mean, most of my stories are Deej, Roger, the cupcake racks, and Deej’s insistence he makes his own brownies, without my help.” *Nathan takes a step back, cowering slightly as some kind of clothing goes flying* “No! No way do I get involved in any plan of Bebe’s. At least Tweety plays to my strengths and only asks me to cater!”

Bebe does seem to be quite the troublemaker around here, for being the bouncer… ‘worst’ thing you saw her do in the club? Don’t worry, we’re not in a PG-13 space. You can tell us *everything*!
And, just to at least *try* and maintain the theme of camping for today’s interview… you guys seem pretty close to each other. Have you ever gone camping together? Do you cook there too?

*Nathan blushes crimson red* “Bebe has a thing for streaking, whether its herself or someone else...” *Peeks over and promptly turns not to watch* “Deej and I? Nah, Catman likes to take Roger out to forage, but also likes to have food delivered. That’s how Collar ran into me in Camp #CharactersTell. I barely made it out of that situation, and Collar now assumes I still have his thong when he’s drunk and forgets where it went.”

Oooh I see. Then again, considering how he acts...I’m quite sure the misplacement of underwear does tend to happen quite often.
Anyway! With that reply, I admit I do find myself a lot more invested, and I need to find some handcuffs and go take a nice good look. Anything you’d like to tell our readers before we close this off? You have free reign!

*Chef Nathan nods, then fixes his hat and smiles as if shooting a commercial* “Hi, I’m chef Nathan from Soulful, please enjoy the meals today! We have a lovely table with chicken spice rubbed with...”
“Ach lass! Donne record that! Let the blokes have their pride!” *Very large man takes a wee Cockney lass’ camera near you all*

I’m sure we will, and I can’t wait to see that cooking depicted in the Red Letters Series! Thank you guys for your time, despite the...clearly chaotic situation we’re in! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some cuffs to find!


Soooooo...yeah, that was a very interesting night indeed! I had pictures of the other characters, and I have a lot more to recount...but let's just say I don't want to go too out of PG on my personal blog.
But, aside from that! Before we bid goodnight, let me remind you that you can have YOUR CHARACTERS interviewed on this blog! Just contact the @characterstell account on Twitter or send a mail to to get settled in one of the slots!
And with that being said - goodnight!!

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