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Born 32 years ago, in Northeastern Italy (think Trieste for a more recognizable reference) I've been raised to love all kinds of books, with my parents gifting me P.G. Woodehouse and J.K. Jerome comedies. I still remember fondly "Three men in a boat" and its sequel.

From there, I kept reading and developed my own tastes for fantasy and thriller, discovering authors like King, Koontz, Pratchet and Brooks, along with the classics like Lovecraft and J.R.R. Tolkien.

This love for literature drove me towards roleplaying, where I could develop my own stories and have my characters react to unknown, fantastic events, and there my love for the sci-fi, cyberpunk and especially cyberfantasy universes came to be, helping me hone my skills both on a technical level - learning english, different writing points of view and such - and a more personal level, helping me immerse in the stories and 'think' them through; followed with creative writing courses in my area that helped me break the insecurities and shyness to submit my creations to others.

I worked on other, shorter published creations (A story published in a romance/thriller anthology called Amelie; Halifax, a short horror story, and Blackout: Zombie Gamebook, a short interactive story for mobile.)
From there, my first novel, Elemental, was born. I'm currently working on the sequel, and I've got other projects lined up as well!

I currently live with my cat Leo, who tries very hard to take over the household, and my other interests are gaming, movies, tv series, escapism in general and cooking.

And long walks on the bea-WAIT, WRONG PROFILE! 

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